Must-Have Ingredients In An Acne Treatment Product
Accumulation Of Bacteria

Must-Have Ingredients In An Acne Treatment Product

Acne Treatment Product


Acne-prone skin can take a big toll on not only your skin but also your confidence.

There is something to know that your acne is just age, and as you leave your teenage years behind, you will leave your skin problems as well. However, when it comes to adult acne, there is nothing worse than constantly thinking, waiting, and contemplating the time you can finally say-

Good riddance!

So, what can you do to get rid of your acne?

Well first-

Rather than looking into flashy advertisements and celebrity endorsements, you need to understand the inner functioning of your skin.

Acne can be terribly irritating, and it adds to the frustration when you are buying expensive products after products to get rid of it, and nothing is happening.

Therefore, the first task is comprehension.

Reasons Behind Acne

Underneath mentioned are some of the dermatologist-approved reasons behind your acne.

  • Oily Skin: When the pores in your skin known as hair follicles get clogged with excess oil, that could be the leading cause of acne in most skin.
  • Too Dry: Sometimes, in order to get rid of that acne, we tend to over-shed the dead skin cells. As a result, even the essential oils are important for your skin strips, causing the skin to secrete more oil. This can also lead to breakouts on your skin.
  • Accumulation Of Bacteria: When bacteria and dirt accumulate in your pores due to environmental pollution, residual makeup, and other factors, it can lead to frequent breakouts in your skin.

Therefore, you should understand the importance of skin care when you are treating acne-prone skin. But, what products should you use?

That seems to be the million-dollar question. Louis Widmer dermatologic products are tested skin care products which you can begin with.

Go For The Ingredients

We have already mentioned how you shouldn’t fall prey to exaggerated advertisements. First and foremost, go see a dermatologist if the problem is getting out of hand, and then understand your products with the ingredients.

Here are the top five ingredients which will help you navigate your skincare buys.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree is the perfect ingredient for skin care when you want to control the excess oil in your skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can control the excess accumulation within the hair follicles.

The more concentrated the usage, the more effective it is. Plus, along with acne, it will also help you get rid of blackheads and whiteheads. However, since concentration is the main concern, you might not find much result with something which is less than 3%.

2. Benzoyl Peroxide

If the accumulation of bacteria and dirt is the sole cause of your acne, you should be introduced to this ingredient. Benzoyl Peroxide can help you neutralize the Propionibacterium acnes. No doubt, this is one of the most important and effective acne ingredients.

However, you might not find this ingredient in normal drug store products. It is important you speak to your dermatologist before using it.

3. Salicylic Acid

Clogged pores are the biggest offender of acne-prone skin, and salicylic acid could be of great assistance to your skin when it comes to cleaning the clogged pores.

This is an excellent ingredient for teenagers who suffer from acne due to the excess oil that comes with their age. When someone is suffering from acne-prone skin, the dead skin clogs together, sticking with the oil rather than shedding with a wash like normal healthy skin.

It is also an exfoliator that helps you to get rid of the dead skin. So, salicylic acid is a must-have when you are buying products for acne skin.

Good Riddance!

With these ingredients, you will finally be able to help get rid of this awful nuisance on your skin.

However, other than that, you will also need to take care of your skin internally-

– Try to have a good diet, with more citrus and greens.

– Try to keep yourself hydrated from inside at all times.

– Wash your face regularly, and

– Never do the blasphemous act of sleeping with your makeup on. There is nothing that clogs the pore more than that.

If you maintain these routines, and take care of your skin along with the excellent product, then you can finally say-

Good riddance!

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