Laser Hair Removal in NYC

Laser Hair Removal in NYC

Laser Hair Removal

There are several methods of permanent hair removal available. Lasers are one of the most frequently used instruments that dermatologists work with to permanently remove underarm, leg, chest, or facial hair. Different laser devices are used for this.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Laser epilation can permanently remove annoying body hair. Laser Hair Removal in NYC is suitable for all parts of the body – particularly large areas such as legs, stomach and back can be depilated quickly and easily with the laser. You can also have your bikini line and face laser cut, as can the armpit hair.

To do this, the laser guides high-energy light of a certain wavelength through the skin and into the hair roots (follicles). The pigment melanin contained in the follicle absorbs the laser light and passes it on to the surrounding cells, which convert it into heat energy. The cells reach a temperature of around 70 degrees Celsius, which causes lasting damage.

The root cells are no longer able to supply the associated hair and promote its growth – existing hair falls out, new hair cannot grow back.

The right laser device – made-to-measure hair removal

For Laser Hair Removal, dermatologists use the optimal laser device for the respective hair type. Ruby lasers or alexandrite lasers are used. The diode laser is also common. Hair removal at the dermatologist is as individual as possible and, from the point of view of experts, is an excellent way to remove hair permanently, gently, and almost painlessly.

Hair Removal – Lasers are not suitable for every type

Laser Hair Removal, however, is not suitable for all hair types. You can only laser away dark hair. Light blonde, gray and white hair contains too little or no melanin so that it cannot absorb the light.

If, on the other hand, the skin is very dark, the laser light does not even reach the hair root but is absorbed on the surface of the skin, which can lead to burns. Even very thin hair and hair fluff cannot be removed by laser. The hair must have a certain thickness so that the laser beam can even detect it.

Laser Hair Removal in NYC: what you should be aware of!

Since Laser Hair Removal, like IPL hair removal, can quickly lead to skin injuries, especially burns, if used improperly, you should always put yourself in the hands of an experienced dermatologist.

Before starting treatment, you should pay attention to a few points:

  • You should avoid sunbathing or going to the solarium three to four weeks before Laser Hair Removal, as tanned skin absorbs the laser light so that it does not reach the hair roots.
  • At least 14 days before the Laser Hair Removal, you must no longer wax, pluck or epilate the hair to be treated. You should also avoid depilatory cream because the laser needs visible hair as a light guide. In addition, you must not bleach or bleach your hair.
  • The treatment area must be shaved the day before Laser Hair Removal in NYC. The hair should be a maximum of 0.5 millimeters long so that the light energy does not fizzle out on the skin. In addition, the treatment of long hair is much more painful.
  • The laser treatment is usually not perceived as uncomfortable. However, if you are particularly sensitive to pain, please speak to your doctor beforehand.

Laser Hair Removal in NYC: the course of the treatment

Before Laser Hair Removal in NYC, the doctor first cools the skin on the area of the body to be treated in order to make it less sensitive to pain. If you wish, your dermatologist will also apply pain-reducing measures.

During the Laser Hair Removal in NYC, the expert moves the laser beam over the area of the body to be treated. Depending on the size of the treatment area, a session lasts between 10 minutes (upper lip) and around an hour (legs).

After Laser Hair Removal in NYC, you should avoid the sun and solarium for three to four weeks to prevent pigmentation disorders. Make sure, even on sunny winter days, to protect the treated skin from UV radiation with a sufficiently high sun protection factor.

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