Ketogenic Diet: a way to Decrease glucose consumption & utilize body fats
Food to eat

Ketogenic Diet: a way to Decrease glucose consumption & utilize body fats

Ketogenic Diet

 The ketogenic diet includes a fat, protein, and sugar-rich diet commonly used for medicinal purposes for severe epilepsy in adolescents. The habit of eating is to eat fat instead of starch. The diet feeds on fat instead of sugar.

Kind of Ketogenic Diet:

  • Common Ketogenic Diet (SKD): This diet includes a low-carb, medium-protein, and high-fat diet. It is made up of 75% fat, 20% protein, and only 5% carbohydrates.
  • Circulating Ketogenic Diet (CKD): This diet includes a longer period of carbohydrate coverage, such as 5 days of ketogenic followed by 2 days of high carbohydrates.
  • Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD): This diet allows you to add carbohydrates to your workplace.
  • High Protein Ketogenic Diet-This ketogenic diet is similar to a regular ketogenic diet, but contains more protein than a regular ketogenic diet. Diet uses 60% fat, 35% protein, 5% carbohydrates Low glucose leads to high fat intake Our bodies often eat sugar to stimulate them. When you limit your carbohydrate intake, your body breaks down fat and uses grains called ketones to fuel your daily activities.

Reducing glucose intake increases fat intake

The goal of the ketogenic diet is to keep the body in a metabolic state, in the name of ketosis. Our body generally consumes sugar from a nutritional perspective. Limiting carbohydrate intake allows the body to break down fat into layers and use particles called ketones to fuel daily activities.

Food to eat

Foods containing healthy fats and carbohydrates should be used in the diet. This diet helps burn fat, not carbohydrates, during metabolism.

  • Meat
  • Olajos hal
  • Eggs
  • Butter and cream
  • Ost
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Healthy oils
  • Lawyers
  • Low carbon vegetables

Foods to Avoid:

Healthy carbohydrates and low fat foods should be used to avoid releasing them

  • Sweet foods
  • Cereals or starch
  • Results
  • Beans or legumes
  • Root and tuber vegetables
  • Low-fat products or diet products
  • Certain condoms or sauces
  • Unhealthy fats
  • Alcohol: diet without sugar

The effect of keto diet on the body:

A ketogenic diet has acceptable effects that help with weight loss. The rash improves the skin. You can reduce the risk of some tombs. You can improve your state of mind. It stabilizes the work of the brain. Finally, it reduces cramps. Improves the side effects of PCOS. However, a long-term ketogenic diet can lead to lower blood pressure, kidney stones, seizures, lack of supplements, and an increased risk of coronary heart disease. Weight loss plans such as keto gens can lead to social isolation and eating disorders. Keto gen is not suitable for patients with medical conditions such as pancreas, liver, thyroid, gallbladder.

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