Jacuzzi: how they work and what types exist

With a spa at home, you can enjoy a relaxing bubble bath with your partner or friends. Find out in this tip how hot tubs work. There are indoor and outdoor. And you also have inflatable models: a more basic and economical option. 

What is a Hotspring jacuzzi (or spa)

Jacuzzi is a large bathtub (or small pool) that can keep the water warm. It is also known as a spa. They are equipped with nozzles through which jets of water and air bubbles come out that massage the body: it is hydrotherapy.  

Jacuzzis usually offer more benefits to increase the well-being of hydrotherapy:

  • Submerged LEDs that emit coloured lights so you can enjoy the benefits of chromo therapy.
  • Essential oil diffusers. To complete the sessions with aromatherapy.
  • Radio or Bluetooth connection. To accompany your favourite music.

In addition to size, Jacuzzis differ from hydromassage bathtubs because there are models to be installed outdoors. You can share it with your partner, family or friends.

How does a hot tub work?

Hotspring Hot tubs need to be installed on a level surface that supports the weight of the water. In addition, they require an electrical connection, a water connection and a drain. 

Jacuzzis propel water and air through nozzles, keep the water hot and constantly filter it. Different components are involved in its operation:

  • Pump (or booster ). It propels the water causing jets of adjustable intensity.
  • Blower (or blower ). It produces air bubbles that come out of the nozzles. Some models integrate an air heating system to prevent bubbles from cooling the water.
  • Heater. Heats and maintains the water at the temperature chosen by the user.
  • Filtering system. It sucks up the water, filters it and expels it again. This way you can keep the water for several weeks, like in a swimming pool.  
  • Anti-lime scale system. It prevents the accumulation of lime in the pipes and protects the system. Not all models include it.

You choose the temperature, intensity, or type of hydro massage from a control panel. In addition, you can program when you want the water to be hot or what time to start the filter cycle.  

Types of hot tubs

– Depending on the shape: they can be square, rectangular or round. In this way, you can choose the most beneficial model for the available space where we will install it.

Depending on the number of people who can use it simultaneously, there are different Jacuzzis to accommodate between 2 and 6 people simultaneously. Depending on the number of seats, the Jacuzzi will have some measurements and, therefore, will determine its dimensions.

 Depending on their structure: they can be fixed or removable. The removable type spas are inflatable and are usually used outside the house. Its great advantage is its ease of assembly, which means that it can move from one place to another.


As we know jacuzzi is beneficial for health. So f you are looking for a high-quality jacuzzi hot tub at lower prices, visit https://hotspring.no/.

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