Interview With Justin Orr, CEO Of Iron Orr Fitness
Interview With Justin Orr, CEO Of Iron Orr Fitness

Interview With Justin Orr, CEO Of Iron Orr Fitness

Tell us about you and what pushes you to be a part of the fitness industry?

I love helping people. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than helping others. In fitness, you have the ability to guide a client throughout the entire process, oversee their consistent improvement, and ultimately see their satisfaction and fulfillment in attaining a long-term target.

Share something about your field’s experience as a personal fitness trainer?

I have been a trainer for 19 years. I have owned and operated Iron Orr Fitness for 17 years. Iron Orr Fitness has been fortunate enough to win quite a few awards in the past few years and we are blessed to have a great team. We’re in a unique field. As a personal fitness trainer, we have the ability to truly impact a life. Whether it’s by helping a client move better, be in less pain, decreasing their body fat so they look and feel better, or just helping their state of mind, this is a unique field and the impact we make still drives me each and every day.

What are your basic training strategies for clients?

Most clients want three things: to gain muscle, lose fat, or get toned. We specialize in all of those aspects. However, what sets us apart from others is that we know that most clients ALSO come to us with pre-existing injuries, bad habits, setbacks, and struggles. We understand this and help guide our clients to overcome their adversities, change course, and ultimately reach their target goals.

How do you motivate your clients towards their goals?   

There are many ways: holding our clients accountable to their commitments, communicating consistently with our clients, changing up workouts so they are fresh and new, and most importantly showing our clients that we care and are in it to win it till they reach their goals.

Is it challenging to handle tough clients? 

No. Tough clients help you grow and learn more about your craft. They challenge you to be your best. We welcome tough clients because we know that we will grow through the experience. Tough clients are sometimes the best gifts.

What do you want to achieve in the next 10 years as a professional personal fitness trainer? 

We have two teams in San Diego and we are developing a team online. We have our short-term and long-term goals set. However, if we can continue to achieve the goal of helping each individual client we work with, get them to their goal, and make a positive impact in their lives, then we are fulfilling one of our core values and that’s a great 10-year target.

Some motivational advice for newcomers, who want to start a career as a personal fitness trainer? 

Find the right gym, ownership, and culture. Everything starts at the top. After you have accomplished that and attained your job status, consistently work on getting better at your craft. Don’t treat your job like a hobby or it may become one. Take your job seriously, as people are coming to you for help. Attitude is everything in our industry. As one of our top trainers recently said during a Zoom meeting, “I get to do this everyday!”

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