The importance of Having an Immaculate Dental Hygiene and Positive Lifestyle Habits as per Discussed by the Renowned Dental Health Expert: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

The importance of immaculate dental hygiene and habits is of great importance for dental health. Lack of it not only can cause dental issues that are associated with severe pain and expensive dental bill. It also can lead to social issues and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, and increase the risk of Covid-19 complication, when having an advanced gum disease.

Therefore, we will reshare tips from the celebrated dental expert: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby that were presented on prominent online sources. Dr. Ali made clear that the routine must be made as simple as possible and habits modified gradually. Adding something simple such as just flossing once a day, and decreasing sugary snacks intake can create a huge impact on your dental in the long run said the Leading doctor.

Diet can play a huge role on not only the dental health but also the general health says the doctor. He added that most of the food and or drinks that are harmful for the general body are mostly harmful for the dental health too such as fizzy drinks

When it comes to dental hygiene routine, it is a great idea to keep it as simple as brushing twice a day gently with a soft tooth brush (as soon as you wake up and just before you sleep is of great importance) According to Dr. Ali AlSaqoby brushing for 2 minutes in each of the 2 sessions is not sufficient to clean the teeth completely as %40 of the tooth surfaces can only be reached by the floss. Therefore, cleaning between the teeth is of great importance, a good alternative for floss in terms of ease of use, is the waterpik floss that utilizes water to clean between the teeth surfaces.

With regards to bad dental habits, According to Dr. Ali AlSaqoby, smoking is one of the worst! it is a door that opens to a place filled with various health chronic diseases such as heart and lung diseases, and various dental health issues such as gum diseases, bad breath, jaw bone loss , discolored/ stained teeth and increasing risk of developing oral cancer. “Nowadays, many dedicated centers are here to help you quit, so be sure to seek help” said the Kuwait dentist.

Finally, even with applying the above tips, to ensure optimal dental health maintenance, visiting a well-trained dental practioner twice a year is fundamental to early detection of any possible dental diseases such as cavity to prevent any excessive treatment. “Patient will be well aware of their oral health status in their checkup visit as, not every dental disease is visible by the naked eyes and require X-rays” says Dr. Ali AlSaqoby.

This concludes the summary of advice to having an immaculate dental health and positive lifestyle habits by the award-winning dentist and masters of dental surgery holder: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

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