How To Swallow Pills When You Face Difficulty

How To Swallow Pills When You Face Difficulty

Swallow Pills


As medical representatives, this is not the first time that we have received this question.

Some individuals have such an innate fear of choking on their medicinal pills or afraid that it is going to get stuck that they are always trying to find new innovative ways to change things.

Can you chew your pill?

Can you crush the pill?

But, the other concern is also genuine. We have also heard many ask whether there will be any significant changes in the functioning if you crush the pill. In short, they are worried about whether there will be any negative effects because of this.

But is it necessary to do that?

When can you try other things?

But, first, let us understand the reasoning behind this fear.

Why Do You Fear Swallowing

According to experts, here are some of the reasons why swallowing pills are extra difficult for me.

1. Dysphagia

This is a serious condition that affects the nervous system. Dysphagia can come with old age or with a traumatic situation while swallowing pills. Yes, this is a total psychological problem.

Through external injuries like stroke or a blow to the head, one can be affected with dysphagia. At old age, dysphagia could be one of the early signs of dementia, and you will find that individual facing difficulty in swallowing pills.

2. Phagophobia

Speaking about psychological issues, this is something that can cause an irrational fear of choking. This is when you are unable to swallow the pill because of a fear that you will choke on it.

Or, you are afraid of the sensation it will leave when the pill is stuck in your throat or in the back of your ribcage.

3. Dry Throat

A dry throat can cause some issues with swallowing, and when you force the pill inside the esophagus, that is when you feel this sensation of choking.

Fluidity is very important, but we will come to solutions later.

4. The Taste

Some people do not like the taste of vitamins and antibiotics. This is especially common in kids as they have an aversion to swallowing pills.

However, when this condition is not treated rightfully, the problem can persist in your childhood as well. This is why we need to master the ways in which we can swallow pills even in fear.

Ways To Swallow Pills

These are some of the ways in which you could swallow pills without fear.

1. Pill Swallowing Gell

These pill swallowing gels are a genius invention in terms of oral medication help. This is like a loophole to help you swallow the pill without the help of other activities like crushing the pill or immersing it in water (which could be even more disgusting).

You simply coat the pills with these gels, and it acts as a lubricating agent, helping the pill pass smoothly through your esophagus.

2. Have More Water

Sometimes, a dry throat can cause more issues with swallowing pills than anything else. Therefore, rather than trying anything else, why don’t you simply take some water in your mouth first.

Then throw the pill in the pool of water first, and you will prevent any unnecessary tasting of the bitter pill. Plus, the water will help the pill through your esophagus.

3. Bury On Soft Food

If you are still having difficulty, then you can buddy it with soft food. Like bread and milk, just do not chew the spoonful which has the pill. Or, if it is a considerably small pill, you can simply drink the pill along with the sweet liquid.

4. Use A Straw

The suction from the straw can be of great help when you do not wish to keep the pill in your mouth for too long. Just keep the pill underneath your tongue, and suck on the straw.

When you have enough water in your mouth, simply lean forward, which will help you to swallow better.

Don’t Fear!

Yes, do not fear the act of swallowing a pill!

Yes, it is not very uncommon, but with a little practice, you will be able to swallow the pill comfortably. Plus, you need to practice since simply avoiding the act is not the right thing.

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