How To Style A Blazer For Men?

How To Style A Blazer For Men

When styled correctly, blazers can be the perfect add-on to your ensembles. It can be styled with almost any outfit, from casual to formal, and can instantly raise the hotness factor of any man. A blazer is a simple, affordable, and stylish fashion statement that never fails to give you a suave impression in the crowd. It can even turn your regular pair of jeans into a glamorous statement and put a look together, whether you wear them to a party, wedding, or at work.

Nowadays, men tend to have a tremendous crush on blazers as they realize that this element can give them a classy and versatile look. However, before you hop on to the trend of blazers, you must nail the aspects of styling a blazer, including its color, pattern, style, and fitting.

If you are confused about how to style a blazer, we have brought to you some trending and kicking styles of wearing a blazer. Let’s take a look.

Linen Blazer For A Smart Casual Look

Linen Blazer For A Smart Casual Look

A smart casual look is the all-time favorite look among fashion enthusiasts these days. A linen blazer is so airy and breathable that it is perfect to keep you cool in summer without any style constraints due to the scorching heat. Moreover, linen is a very comfortable fabric, so a linen blazer would sit over your body like no other for a stylish casual look. And, this fabric gives a ruff, scrunched look to the gentle personalities. We are positive that a linen blazer is a beyond-perfect outfit for casual meetings, parties, and hangouts.

Modern Blazer Looks For Men

Modern Blazer Looks For Men

Although a blazer is modest and elegant, it can add sharpness to any outfit. It uplifts your style and personality. But wearing the right blazer for the right occasion is crucial.

Cotton Blazer For A Casual Look

Cotton Blazer For A Casual Look

Cotton fabric gives a cool and relaxed vibe. While a blazer is a go-to for formal occasions, a cotton blazer is considered more suitable for casual events rather than at work or meetings. Thanks to its airy and comfortable fabric, with a cotton blazer you can achieve a relaxed yet refined appearance. These blazers are a summertime staple and go very well with almost any shirt or t-shirt and sneakers. Just make sure you choose a color that compliments your skin tone.

Woolen Blazer For A Snazzy Look

Woolen Blazer For A Snazzy Look

Creating dapper looks that turn heads is quite challenging in the winter or if you live in a cold area. In such conditions, a woolen blazer for men is a safe bet because it not only keeps you warm and cozy but also looks great when paired with scarves and boots. Woolen blazers or woolen trench coats work great when paired with jeans or chinos, and you can wear them at both formal and informal events. Also, the longevity and versatility of this blazer are excellent. Dark shades like grey, black, and brown give the best look.

Denim Blazer For A Dapper Look

A denim blazer is a major wardrobe essential and you must have one in your closet. If you are bored of all the basic blazer looks, this blazer for men can add some spice to the monotony. Whether oversized or cropped, it can be styled in a variety of ways. For a casual and comfortable appearance, wear sneakers with a solid-colored shirt and jeans/shorts. There are endless types of denim blazers available in the market including washed out, basic white, patchwork, studded, ripped, and more.

Pick The Best Style To Wear A Blazer

Now that we have briefed you about the various looks with blazers, let’s jump into the details you should consider while buying a perfect blazer for you.

Different Patterns of Blazers

The first thing to consider while shopping for a blazer is what kind of pattern you would like.

  • Structured/Unstructured: Structured style blazers have sharp, sleek shapes and shoulder pads, making them more appropriate for formal occasions. Unstructured blazers are more ideal for casual events since they are softer, more flexible, and have minimal or no shoulder pads.
  • Printed/Checks: There are unlimited options for checks and prints in blazers. Whether it is stripes, checks, or prints like floral and motifs, a patterned blazer is a great way to make an outfit stand out and will look stunning on all occasions.

Choosing Layers Underneath The Blazer

Now what goes under the blazer is important to enhance the look of your blazer. You can wear a shirt, t-shirt, cardigan, etc. with a blazer.

  • Shirt: Excellent for formal events. A linen shirt, mandarin collar shirt, button-down collar shirt, or any other structured shirt looks stylish with any blazer.
  • T-shirt: The best way to style a blazer casually is to wear it with a t-shirt. Any polo neck t-shirt, V-neck t-shirt, or crew neck t-shirt with a plain blazer gives a dashing, party-ready look.
  • Cardigan sweaters: When it comes to styling a blazer, the opportunities are endless. If you live in colder areas, a cardigan sweater is best to uplift your personality.


  • Watch: Any analog, plain dial, or dress watch is best for casual events, and a digital watch is a safe bet for all events.
  • Shoes: Whatever blazer you wear, the look will be incomplete without good footwear. Go for sneakers, loafers, or lace-up shoes to complete your look.
  • Scarf: Tie a woolen or cotton scarf in a stylish way to add contrast to your blazer. A plain or printed scarf will add a vibe to your outfit.

That was all about styling a blazer for men in a classy way. We hope you’re even more interested in trying out our suggestions in real life. With the plenty of options available in the market, choosing the best one can be confusing. But thankfully, now you can rarely go wrong with these simple styles and suggestions for wearing blazers. Just follow these tips and nobody can stop you from becoming the talk of the town!