How to Personalize a Custom Bobblehead Doll for a Gift

A personalized bobblehead doll is a very innovative and charming gift idea and a popular one too!

So, if you want to personalize a custom bobblehead doll for your loved one and bring a smile to his/her face, we approve. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when building the perfect bobblehead doll.

To know more, read on.

Choose A Custom Bobblehead Maker

Before you choose a maker, browse the web well. Go through the various websites and narrow down on a reputed custom bobblehead maker who specializes in personalized bobbleheads and can sculpt your doll exactly according to your brief. Make sure that they use premium quality and non-toxic materials for their dolls and follow the highest industry standards while making your bobblehead doll.

That way you will get a perfectly made and durable bobblehead doll that your loved one can cherish for a long time.

Choose The Best Photos

Choose and upload photos of the person you want your bobblehead to be personalized for. Make sure you choose clear, preferably HD-quality, pictures in which his/her entire face is visible. Remember to upload side profile photos too. That way the sculptor can determine the facial features accurately.

Choose The Stock Body

Choose a stock body design for your doll from their website or go for a fully customized one, the choice is yours. Some websites also let you choose accessories like dress color, caps, hats, purses, shoes, etc. Some let you choose the pose too!

Select the ones you want and ask for any additional personalization you desire.

Add A Pet/ Automobile

You can add a pet body or an automobile to your bobblehead doll base and add a personal touch to it.

Ask For Progress Shots of Your Doll

After you have chosen all the above specs, noted the price, and selected the delivery options, let them do their magic. However, make sure to ask for progress photos so that you know exactly how your bobblehead doll is taking shape. If you want changes, ask for them. Make sure you choose a maker who lets you ask for changes and doesn’t charge for every little detail added during the process.

Progress photos will also help you determine whether your personalized bobblehead doll looks exactly like you want it to. That way you do not end up with a different-looking doll!

Custom-made high quality personalized bobbleheads should resemble the client’s brief perfectly. For this will make you and your loved one very happy. So, make sure you do not miss out on asking for the progress shots.

After you have arrived at the best possible replica, sit back, and relax. Let the artists spin their magic! 

Then, surprise your loved one with the custom-made personalized bobblehead doll and watch his/her face light up, seeing the replica, bobbing its tiny head at them!

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