How do we know if we have an alcohol addiction?

You’ve probably wondered if you haven’t crossed the invisible line that separates alcohol intake from the pleasure of problem drinking. Experts have identified certain symptoms that can largely answer this question. To be diagnosed with an addiction syndrome, there must be at least 3 of the criteria we will share with you.

1. Impaired ability to control the substance taken and its quantity. Simply put – the patient can not keep from drinking, can not stop and can not control the amount of alcohol consumed.

2. Increased tolerance to alcohol intake. This is something very characteristic: at first a person drinks less, then increases the dose, and from a certain period onwards there is a retention and decline in tolerance to alcohol. For this reason, the chronic alcoholic gets drunk a little.

3. Physiological state of abstinence. It looks like this – if he has not drunk, the patient is tense, anxious, sweats, his hands tremble, he cannot sleep, but once he takes the substance to which he is addicted, the complaints decrease. Or even disappear completely.

4. A person has a strong need and inner desire, even the compulsion to take a substance – in this case alcohol. That is, the patient feels an irresistible desire to get vodka, brandy, whiskey or other drink, without which he can not.

5. Progressive elimination of alternative pleasures such as sports, other hobbies or interests, at the expense of the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The addict spends all or almost all of his time indulging in alcohol and recovering from the effects it has on his body.

6. One continues to consume alcohol, although one sees the harmful effects. And they are visible both to him and to society.

If in the last few months or in the last year, a person discovers three of these six criteria for alcoholism, in this case the diagnosis of addiction or alcohol dependence is made and the patient must be treated.

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