How can I make my nails healthier?

How can I make my nails healthier?

My previous nails were not very good-looking, really ugly to the explosion, short and ugly, as afairy who has loved to chew nails for 20 years! Very qualified to give you guys an amenity toprevent stepping on mine!!!

Green: is galglitter home famous spa top nail polish powder, can simply be used as a base coat, can be in the application of nail polish, but also painted alone is fried chicken good-looking, healthy sense of shine.

Usage: the first day to apply 1-2 layers, just painted on when there will be a little tightening

feeling, a layer of stacked layer every day, about five days is a cycle, to remove in the re-cycle, after a period of time is able to obviously make the nail thicker and more robust, (since it is baseoil, it is certainly also nailed polish or will have a smell, slightly spit, with the spa when thecoating must be fast, otherwise, it really is (can pull silk, and, winter time can not be used, all dry)

Pink: is galglitter home fried chicken growth water; his role is to accelerate the growth of nails, water-like texture, which you can use at any time.

Usage: It is applied to the finger edge (is the root of the nail and skin contact), whether it is abare nail or have nail polish in the above can figure, a day can be applied numerous times, I oftenforget, so the nail growth is not fast, but really is much better than before!

Yellow: or galglitter home stuff, is their home nail care oil, it can effectively improve the dry, brittle nails and easy-to-crack rough finger edges so that the nails are shiny and not easy to break.

How to use: bare nail care oil, apply it on the nail surface, nail seam, and finger edge of the skin, and then massage with your fingers in a circular motion; almost half an hour later, you can washit off with a hand sanitizer, and then apply spa base coat.

White: I love galglitter stuff; this is their exfoliator; it’s very easy to use for newbies, just leave it on for 2 minutes and then use a beech stick to push it lightly.

A set down the use of the method

Order: exfoliator – wash hands – care oil care – wash hands – apply spa base coat – dry – nail root apply growth water – water dry – finger edge nail crease apply care oil

Raising nail beds is really a matter of time and patience; there is no rush; you must take months to see the results.

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