HealthKeeperz Sponsors 10th Annual Boots & BBQ Denim & Diamond
HealthKeeperz Sponsors 10th Annual Boots & BBQ Denim & Diamond

HealthKeeperz Sponsors 10th Annual Boots & BBQ Denim & Diamond

On Friday, Oct. 28, UNC Health Southeastern Foundation hosted its 10th Annual Boots & BBQ Denim & Diamond Celebration.

This marks the fourth consecutive year that Pembroke, North Carolina, health care company HealthKeeperz sponsored this beloved event, which is  one more way the local faith-based company demonstrates its commitment to the community.

The Boots & BBQ Denim & Diamonds festival hosted live musical talents in the American country and folk genres, complemented by dishes from Fuller’s Old Fashioned BBQ. This year, it was held in the arena at the Southeastern North Carolina Agricultural Events Center in Lumberton. Those interested in this event or supporting future events can contact the UNC Health Southeastern Foundation office at [email protected].


Award-Winning Barbecue Funding Patient Experience Initiatives at UNC Health

Thanks to the sponsorship of local businesses like HealthKeeperz, all of the money raised by the event directly benefits the UNC Health Southeastern emergency department.

This department experiences some of the highest traffic in North Carolina, treating more than 60,000 patients needing urgent and emergent care each year.

The department has planned renovations to update the facility to enhance patient safety, comfort, and privacy. The funds raised during the much-anticipated barbecue festival have been allocated to these efforts.

Once renovations are complete, the UNC Health Southeastern emergency department expects shorter patient wait times and a distinctly welcoming and modern ambience to serve the community.

The UNC Health Southeastern Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works regionally to improve the level of care UNC Health Southeastern can provide patients and their families. Local business leaders and community members have formed its board of directors.

Board members advocate for the health care needs of North Carolina residents. Fundraising efforts like this annual event provide money for important projects that often struggle to obtain funding, like the ER renovation.


HealthKeeperz President: We’re Community-Driven

HealthKeeperz President Tim Brooks noted how important it is for the community and local businesses (especially those also in health care) to work together to support health care workers and ensure they have the facilities, technologies, and gear they need to deliver quality services to the community.

Helping UNC Health Southeastern’s ER improve patient care is one such endeavor. Brooks said of this initiative, “We pride ourselves on being community-driven, and this is a great cause that goes hand in hand with what HealthKeeperz aims to represent. Our long partnership with the UNC Health Southeastern Foundation aligns with our company values and our shared desire to give back to North Carolinians.”


HealthKeeperz Through the Years
HealthKeeperz knows firsthand the struggles health care providers have faced over the past couple of years. The company has found itself optimally positioned to support health care workers during this time of need.

It currently employs 150 health care workers and support staff across North Carolina, and recognizes without its hardworking crew, it wouldn’t be able to deliver the compassionate, quality care it consistently does.

HealthKeeperz is a home health care and home medical equipment company founded in 1966. It provides palliative care, durable medical equipment, medical supplies, and other home health services. It combines the power of modern medicine with the infinite compassion of God’s love to support the whole patient — body, mind, and spirit. At the same time, the company recognizes the importance of the patient’s family and its role in patients’ comfort, well-being, and health.

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