The Best Ideas to Grow the Bottled Water Business Market Position

The Best Ideas to Grow the Bottled Water Business Market Position

Bottled Water Business

Between 2014 and 2019, the global bottled water market grew at a compound annual growth rate of around 8%. Looking ahead, bottled water companies anticipate moderate growth in the market over the next five years. Water is intended for human consumption and comes from a variety of sources such as wells, protected springs, or public water supplies. When compared to regular water, it has a lot of dissolved minerals or total dissolved solids (TDS). Before packaging, the bottles are usually exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light to prevent pathogenic organisms from growing during storage and transport.

In this article, we will discover ideas on how the bottled water industry’s market keeps growing over the years. And as business owners, we must look forward to and use these ideas for our water bottle business.

1. Give Customers Another Idea After They Purchase Your Product

Examine your current single-serve plastic container. After the water has been consumed, the end-user has only two options, how much it weighs, its shape, or the material it’s made of. They have the option of recycling or discarding the empty bottle. My Own Water is one of the many water bottle companies that offer customers a second and third option. It can be used again. This means that the empty container can be used as a table, a desk, storage cubes, trash bins, toys, or even building insulation. The possibilities for repurposing are endless, and they can benefit any household on the planet.

2. Make Use of a Water Bottle Campaign That Generates Positive Social and Traditional Media Coverage

Is your current single-serve plastic container gaining traction in social and traditional media? Are cities and colleges considering banning your bottles? Are your single-serve water bottles being portrayed as contributing to the plastic waste in our dumpsites and waterways on social media? As a bottled water manufacturer, you must have a marketing strategy that encourages end-users of your product to share their creative repurposing ideas on social media. For example, there could be creative building contests for college scholarships to help change people’s perceptions of plastic containers. Your empty single-serve empties will begin to appear in dorm rooms as side tables, waste bins, and storage cubes, rather than being shunned or banned. Every event will be an opportunity to promote and encourage bottle recycling.

3. Sell Water Bottles That Will Not Contribute To The Accumulation of Plastic Waste

Is your current single-serve water bottle adding to global plastic waste? According to experts, we use 1 million plastic bottles every minute around the world, and 91% of them are not recycled. Obviously, more needs to be done. Although water bottle companies will not be able to solve the problem on their own, repurposing will have a greater impact when combined with light-weighting, plant bottles, recycling, and sustainable eco-systems to also reduce plastic pollution.

4. Provide End-Users With a Repurposed Container in Emerging Countries That Do Little or No Recycling

Consumers in emerging markets are already accustomed to reusing. Provide those end-users with the only single-serve water brand in a repurposed bottle, and it will quickly become their favorite. Local entrepreneurs and artists could also start small businesses selling useful items made from repurposed water bottles.

5. Packaging Should Provide End Users With an Informational, Open-Ended, Fun, Beneficial, and Fresh Experience

Water packaging has never before provided end-users with an interactive, open-ended, fun, useful, and hands-on sustainable experience. Families who are provided with this new type of packaging will appreciate the added value. So you must include this idea in the process of manufacturing your water bottles.



6. Create a Marketing Campaign Promoting Water Bottles as an Ideal Disaster Relief Item

Millions of water bottles are shipped to help with disaster relief after a natural disaster. Unfortunately, empty water bottles litter the streets and waterways after the water has been consumed. Empty water bottle companies are ideal for disaster relief because of the added value they provide. Water bottles are the only donated water bottles that can be repurposed and given a new life as something else, preventing them from becoming additional trash in already devastated areas. Additionally, as the country rebuilds, strips of connected water bottles can be used as construction insulation. Your donated, labeled, repurposed water bottles will generate positive public relations (PR) for your brand in addition to life-saving and functional benefits.

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