How should a pillow be to enjoy a restful sleep? Should it be squishy? Hard and small? Or better one cushion on top of another? Choosing a pillow is no-nonsense, on the contrary. Think that you spend in bed between 6 and 8 hours and that this means almost a third of our life.

There are many kinds of pillows and choosing the best one will depend, above all, on your habits so check it here at Kallysleep, your postures, and even if you are allergic or not. A pillow is not just “that soft” where you can rest your head at night. You just have to think about how many mornings you wake up, for example, with neck pain. So keep these tips in mind.

1. What is the best material to choose a pillow?

There are many options on the market, hence you must take these aspects into account to choose the one that can best suit your needs. Take note:

  • Memory foam pillows: They offer us much better support for the head, it is denser and, in general, they last many years in good condition.
  • Fiber pillows: The disadvantage of polyester pillows is that, as we wash them, they lose density and volume. You will notice your head a little lower and, in the end, your cervicals will suffer. They are not a good option.
  • Latex or gel pillows: Lately they have become fashionable and we can find them anywhere. They are very firm and their advantages are, above all, that they protect us from mold and mites. They are ideal for keeping our neck-back axis balanced.
  • Wool and cotton pillows: Their main benefit is that they do not produce allergies. If you usually have asthma or have an allergy to mites, they are an excellent option. Although, yes, they are usually quite hard.
  • Feather pillows: It is one of the best known and most commonly used fillers. However, the question is: Are they adequate? Of course. They offer firmness, cervical support, and comfort. Against they have the fact that they often cause quite a few allergies.

2. In which posture do you usually sleep?

  • Do you sleep on your back?

So choose a thin pillow. In this way, your neck and your back will form the same angle and you will not suffer any muscular overload. 

 Do you sleep on your side?

In this case, the ideal pillow is the thickest one. In this way, the neck-spine axis will always be in balance.

  • Do you change your posture many times?

If you are one of those who does not stand still in bed, then you need a very flexible pillow that adapts to your postures. The best, in this case, are feathers .

3. Our ergonomic needs

We all have special needs. You may have problems with your cervicals, you may have diabetes, or you may be suffering from night sweats due to menopause. Do not worry, because in these cases there are also special pillows that can help you.

Take note:

  • Cervical pillows

In the market you will find many of them. They have a special shape that allows us to rest the head comfortably, without suffering the neck and cervicals. They also have a special cushioning in the lower part of the pillow that allows us to hold and rest the head.

  • Water pillows

Did you know them Physiotherapists explain that they are very beneficial for their ability to adapt to all our movements. They relax, give density, firmness and are very pleasant. Now, not everyone just got used to something so special.

  • Cool pillows

The so-called fresh pillows are filled with small pearls that always offer a fresh sensation. They are ideal for when we suffer night sweats or hot flashes from menopause.

  • Oxygenating pillows

Have you heard of them? They are a very special type of pillow, with a type of fabric that helps us improve our circulation. They raise the oxygen in the blood vessels and take care of our health every night.

Another fact that we must take into account is hygiene. Remember to wash your pillow every week, especially the covers. This is where mites, remnants of dead skin and other bacteria that can affect your health are concentrated, starting with things as simple as a headache and even the typical morning fatigue

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