Five yoga poses to help ease your back pain

Five yoga poses to help ease your back pain

The confinement made the number of people interested in practicing yoga at home grow and many of them became hooked on this practice that combines meditation with sports activity. In addition, it can be practiced anywhere and no object is necessary. This Sunday, June 21 is celebrated the International Day of Yoga.

Man with backache. Pain in the human body on a gray background with red dot

Bad posture when sleeping, an inadequate desk chair, or our way of walking can easily translate into back pain. If the problem has already appeared, it is important to calm it in the shortest possible time. In this sense, there are yoga poses to calm back pain that can help us.

Now, why yoga? Because it is a discipline that, through different postures, tones our muscles and gives elasticity to our tendons. In other words, it constitutes a front against that rigidity that we can acquire, for example, when we spend several hours sitting in a chair, placing products on different shelves or standing in the reception of a hotel.

Yoga as a treatment

Yoga is an ancient technique that combines body and mind with a religious tint, of faith, in its essence. However, for some years it has been used for the purpose of achieving a physical and mental balance,  without any other more far-reaching claim. We can alleviate or complement the intervention against mental and physical problems through its different variants.

Although it is not a medical treatment and we should always consult a specialist first, yoga is a good complement in many intervention plans, especially if it is to regain the functionality of an overloaded area. In this sense, it is important to choose well the center in which we will practice it and inform the instructor of our initial limitations .

With the development and proliferation of online information, we have a multitude of online resources that, although free and very attractive, we must consider with suspicion. Although the person who addresses us is a professional, this practice prevents the professional himself from correcting us.

Taking this into account and as an initiation, there are some simple postures that can help us. These are some of them, and we will classify them according to the area where the pain occurs. Remember, however, before you start doing them that the greatest benefits are usually obtained when we adopt them frequently, when the doctor has declared us fit to practice them and when we have the supervision of a trained coach.

Yoga poses to ease upper back pain

The pain in the upper back, or back pain, occurs in the trapezius, the angle of the scapula, the dorsal muscles … among other localized areas. It is generally caused by an incorrect posture of the head with respect to the spinal column, thus loading this area, in addition to the neck.



Some people start practicing yoga because they have anxiety and need to relax, letting go of worries. It helps to achieve both physical and mental well-being. These are some of the benefits that yoga practice can bring you:

•        Reduces anxiety and stress.

•        Increases sleep capacity and helps you sleep better.

•        Improve student achievement.

•        Helps to strengthen bones and muscles.

•        Increase flexibility.

•        Relieves chronic and postural pain.

•        Burn calories.

•        Teach you to breathe correctly and consciously.



Now that you know what are the benefits that you can have if you practice yoga, we will tell you some postures that you can do to relieve your back pain. The confinement imposed by the Government to prevent the virus from continuing to infect thousands of people, made teleworking stronger and many employees could work from home; With this, the activity we carried out in our day-to-day life was limited, such as the time we walked to our work environment.

When we spend most of our day sitting together with the bad postures we acquire to give you, our back feels it and the lower part or lumbar begins to hurt.

Lateral stretches

This stretch helps to reduce the tensions that may accumulate in the dorsal part of your back. Repeat the stretch with both arms and feel the muscles of the dorsal backstretch.

Legs up

This posture, in addition to promoting muscles, will also benefit circulation. Lie on your back with your legs upright against a wall; to be more comfortable you can use a pillow, sheet, or blanket to maintain the posture if you think you need it. With this pose, you will stretch your back while relaxing your lower back.

legs up against wall

The Cobra and the Downward Facing Dog

The cobra allows us to strengthen the lumbar muscles to prevent them from loading when we are in the correct position while we work or sleep.

In order to do it, you have to lie on your stomach, lift your torso as much as you can, exercise with a lower back. You do not have to get up to the maximum, only what our back allows us. To strengthen the area, do several repetitions.

The downward-facing dog is a posture that helps you stretch the entire upper body chain, especially the back, shoulders, buttocks, and calves. In addition, it strengthens the muscles of the back, neck, men, and abdomen.

The child’s posture


The child’s pose is the basic resting position in yoga, it serves to relax the whole body; In addition to helping clear the mind, stretch your spine, and open your hip. With this posture the practice of a physical and mental activity is united, you will feel immediate relief.

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