Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Cryo-Lipolysis Appointment 
Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Cryo-Lipolysis Appointment 

Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Cryo-Lipolysis Appointment 

There is certainly no lack of options to take care of the stubborn fat that keeps your body goals just out of your reach. From crash diets to invasive surgery, people have always been keen on techniques to lose excess body fat. And considering the outlandish fat-reducing methods that come up in media, you might think of a fat freezing machine as one such fad. But it would help if you rethought that now because cryo-lipolysis is here, and it is a scientifically proven method to sculpt the body effectively. So, if you are interested in signing yourself up for this procedure, there are a few things that you need to know before your first appointment. 

What Is Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis, also known as fat freezing and cool sculpting, is the latest technology in fat removal. This procedure targets the subcutaneous fat cells and freezes them. Since lower temperature is more effective in causing the death of fat cells, these dead fat cells are removed from the body through natural metabolic processes. 

This is a non-invasive treatment, unlike liposuction; thus, the skin around the treated areas is not affected. The targeted areas include the arms, thighs, back, abdomen, and chin. And since the procedure targets small areas and works gradually to produce results, the recovery is easy, making it an extremely popular fat-reduction procedure. One session with the fat-freezing method is said to reduce almost 25% of subcutaneous fat, making it an efficient procedure. 

Preparing for the First Cryolipolysis Appointment 

Keeping Your Weight Goals in Check

First, you need to understand that fat freezing is not a weight loss procedure like liposuction or other body-shaping surgery. It is a way to remove certain pockets of stubborn fat, but it cannot be used to lose ten or twenty kilos. 

So to get optimum results from fat freezing, you need to be at your goal weight or as close to it as possible. The closer you are to your goal before starting treatment, the easier it will be to produce visible results. 

Think Twice About Certain Pills

Before you show up for your first cryo-lipolysis, you need to watch the kind of medications or supplements you consume. Drugs that interfere with blood flow, such as aspirin, must be avoided because they can cause bruising. And depending on your health expert’s opinion, you can design an appropriate regimen for the time you will be cool sculpting. 

Vitamin E and fish oil are other supplements that you might need to drop for the period you are getting the procedure done since they also tend to increase the risk of bruising. So the best way to approach this is by seeking professional help and sorting out alternatives for the medications or supplements you take regularly. 

Skincare is Essential

Before you undergo any cosmetic treatment with a fat-freezing machine, medical practitioners often recommend taking care of your skin by avoiding sun exposure as it interferes with the results. However, fat freezing does not call for drastic measures like this, but indulging in some skin pampering weeks prior to the procedure is recommended. This is because existing skin damage, such as sunburn, can make cool sculpting uncomfortable. And even if you have any cuts, wounds, or bruises on the area that is getting treated, postponing the procedure until you have healed is for the best.

A non-invasive procedure with a short recovery time that allows you to achieve your body goals is finally a dream come true. And cryo-lipolysis is certainly the procedure you are looking for if you want a low-risk procedure to sculpt your body.

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