Is your hair turning grey?

Are your nails going brittle?

Is it taking a long time to heal cuts or bruises?

Is your skin losing elasticity?

All these symptoms allow for an interpretation that you are getting older. Ageing is inevitable. It is a natural process, and you cannot get away from it. There has recently been a fad for applying anti-ageing products to maintain youth. A large number of people are flooding to creams and lotions in the market, claiming that they can reverse ageing.

Well, this is a natural cycle. It is common to feel your skin losing elasticity, getting drier and thinner. Everybody will become the victim, but how quickly it will make you its target depends on your genes. However, environment and lifestyle choices are also mainly responsible for causing your ageing.

If you do not take care of your lifestyle, you will become the victim of premature ageing. As far as it is about anti-ageing products, they are supposed to be used as a preventive measure against premature ageing. So, when you use any cream or lotion, do not think that it will make you more beautiful or dashing, but it will fend off compounds that cause early ageing. Here is you can maintain your youthful looks.


Have you ever consulted a dermatologist? Or have you ever watched a skincare video? Nobody knows the best way to protect skin better than a dermatologist. You all put on some makeup when you step out, but is it enough to prevent your delicate skin from premature ageing? Well, it is not necessary to wear makeup all the time.

According to dermatologists, you should focus on three things: cleansing, moisturising, and sun protection. First off, cleanse your face gently when bathing and then apply a moisturiser. Regardless of the weather, moisturising is essential to prevent pores dilation. Before stepping out, you should apply sunscreen lotion to prevent the UV rays effect. Try to apply it all over your face like you have put on a layer and make sure that you keep it applying after every three hours. As long as you have been doing all three steps, your skin will remain healthy.


As you see a commercial about a fairness cream on TV, you immediately rush to drug stores to buy it. Such over the counter, creams and lotions are not useful for everyone because you all have a different skin type. It can be healthy, oily, dry and combination. Further, if you have a skin condition like seborrhea or eczema, for instance, you will have to be extra careful while choosing a face wash, moisturiser or cream.

The best approach is to test a product to see the result within the next 48 hours to conclude. If you have got an anti-ageing cream, apply it over a small area of your face, for instance, forehead to see if you have got an allergic reaction, itchiness, tiny bumps, and the like.


Smoking is one of the significant causes for quick skin ageing. It causes wrinkles, dullness and sallow complexion. It can be hard to give up smoking immediately. This is why you should try to cut it back slowly and surely.

Alcohol also damages your skin as it consists of a high amount of sugar. It destroys collagen and elastin that makes your skin resilient and youthful. There are three types of collagen in your body, and the most potent collagen is Type III.

High sugar intake leads to degrading this type of collagen and weakening it to the level of Type I collagen, which is why your skin starts losing firmness and wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear on the surface. It is good to whittle down the consumption of alcohol.


A well-balanced diet is a must to keep your skin healthy and youthful. Try to drink a lot of water. It keeps your skin hydrated. Doctors recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead of drinking juice, eat whole fruits. Try to cut down on sugar intake as it accelerates ageing. 


Facial expressions lead to a contraction in underlying muscles. If you have been making a particular expression repeatedly for a long time, there is a permanent fine line in your skin.

Anti-ageing does not imply that you can reverse ageing. It is a natural process; nobody can escape it. It means that you can prevent premature ageing. The tips mentioned above can help you maintain resilience and resplendence of your skin.

If you still have some problems, you should contact a dermatologist who can give you more useful suggestions to care about your skin. Of course, you consulting a dermatologist is not a cheap option at all. If it is necessary, you can take out first direct loans.

Description: Anti-ageing products help you from premature ageing. This blog discusses some useful tips to maintain your youthful looks.

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