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Apple iPhone 14 review: Everything you need to know

Apple iPhone 14 review: Everything you need to know

Apple iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is the stylish iPhone value, though it’s not much of a  vault from the iPhone 13.  

The iPhone 14 is a  veritably good phone for the plutocrat, offering bettered cameras, a  briskly A15 Bionic chip, and fun Action mode for videotaping prisoners. But at this price, we’d like to see a blowup drone and 120Hz display. Some may want to get the iPhone 14 Plus rather for its larger screen and bigger battery.  There is further to the new iPhone 14 than meets the eye.

The iPhone 14 features an advanced camera system that delivers more low-light performance and a brisk and lustrous TrueDepth camera with autofocus. On the videotape front, there’s a new Action mode for super steady footage.  Add in some handy safety features like crash discovery and Emergency SOS via satellite, and you have a  redoubtable flagship.

But should you buy the iPhone 14 or stay for the bigger iPhone 14 Plus? Or you should splurge for the more advanced iPhone 14 Pro?  The iPhone is clearly among the stylish iPhones and belongs on our stylish phone list. My iPhone 14 review breaks down all the pros and cons so you can decide if this is the right handset for your requirements.  

Also, be sure to check out our iPhone 14 vs Galaxy S22 face-off and iPhone 14 vs Pixel 7 comparison to see how the new iPhone heaps up to the competition. And if you are on the hedge about upgrading see our iPhone 15 rumors runner. 

The iPhone 14 is on trade now and has a release date of September 16. The starting price for the iPhone 14 is$ 799/£ 849/AU$,399 for the base 128 GB model. You can step up to 256 GB for$ 899/£ 959/AU$,579 or 512 GB of  storehouse for$,099/£,179/AU$,899.  Vacuity for the standard iPhone 14 is presently good, with only the anticipated detention between ordering and shipping. Demand for the Pro models is high, however, although Apple’s now supposedly trying to produce further Pros to keep up by halting regular iPhone 14 products. 

Be sure to check out our iPhone 14 deals runner to make sure you get the smallest price on the new iPhone, and our iPhone 14 delivery date companion to see when you can anticipate seeing your phone if you buy it right now.   Don’t get me wrong, the aluminum and glass body is solid and fairly seductive and you get the same tough( removable) Ceramic Shield front and tough glass back, along with IP68 water resistance. But you’ll presumably be jealous when you see the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island, which replaces the notch with a  lower and interactive cutout for caution and live conditioning.  The iPhone 14 colors are Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Purple, and Red. We tested the paler blue model, which is a seductive cornflower blue shade.  The iPhone 14 remains compact and fairly light, importing 6.07 ounces and measuring 5.78 x2.82 x0.31  elevation. That’s actually a bit lighter than the iPhone 13’s6.17 ounces, although that model was a slightly thinner0.30  elevation.  

In a  kindly controversial move, Apple removed the SIM Card niche from the iPhone 14,  counting on eSIMs only. Fortunately, it’s easy to add a line of service in the Settings app, and you can have up to eight 8 SIMs on your phone with two actives at any given time( say one for particular and one for business). There are some lower and transnational carriers that don’t yet support eSIM, but the technology is gaining traction.  The iPhone 14’s6.1- inch Super Retina XDR display remains one of the stylish defenses in thi price range in terms of quality, indeed though there are no upgrades over last time.

 The biggest missing point is a 120Hz refresh rate, which the Galaxy S22 offers, so you don’t get the same super-smooth scrolling or vitality in supported games.  

The iPhone 14’s main camera does not get the bump to 48MP that the iPhone 14 Pro series does, but it does point enhanced cameras in its own way.

The iPhone 14 also packs an ultrawide camera that’s rated to capture 4x  further of a scene and deliver 2x more low-light performance. And the TrueDepth camera offers autofocus for the first time along with a brisk f/1.9  orifice. To help capture brighter images across the board, there’s a new computational photography point called Photonic Engine.  The iPhone 14 also has the edge over the Pixel 6 in this shot of Halloween decorations. The colors are punchier on the iPhone when you look at the sunflowers and pixies, though the Pixel does a better job exposing the decorations in the shadowy background.

Latterly this fall Apple will launch two crucial safety features for the iPhone 14. The first is Emergency SOS via satellite, which combines new antennas and software to connect to satellites when you can’t get a cellular or Wi-Fi signal. You’ll also get help from exigency services for your position. 

During a  rally, the iPhone 14 locked onto a satellite snappily, and the phone walks you through a series of questions so Apple can tell dispatchers everything they know about your condition and exact position.  The alternate safety point is Crash Detection, which leverages the iPhone 14’s advanced accelerometer and gyroscope to descry whether you’re in an auto crash. From there, it can automatically telephone exigency services, as well as notify the exigency connections you designate. 

Still, there’s a lot to like for$ 799. The iPhone 14 delivers fantastic-looking prints and videotape; the display is astral; and you get performance that still beats the stylish Android phones. Action mode is another plus if you’re looking for a super smooth videotape. Plus Apple may be offering easier access to repairs for this generation, giving the iPhone 14 a surprise advantage over the iPhone 13.

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