A mesmerizing experience Nag Tibba


Nag Tibba

Standing roughly at an altitude of 3022 meters/9915 feet above sea level Nag Tibba is a peak situated in the state of Uttarakhand. This famous peak gives its name to the ‘Nag Tibba Range’ which is highest among the three principle ranges of the lower Himalayas, the other two peaks include Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal Range. The place is located 57 km away from Mussoorie and 88 km away from Dehradun. Nag Tibba is believed to be the home for ‘Nag Devta’ or God of Snakes. So the first name of Nag Tibba comes from ‘Nag’ or snake and tibba is a local word which means hill. As per the local legend it is said that the native villagers come here to worship and offer prayers to the Nag Devta for the protection of their cattle in the temple which is located atop. The peak showcases some breathtaking scenery and views of other Himalayan peaks like Bandarpoonch Peak, Gangotri Peak, Kedarnath Peak, Changabang Peak and the Doon Valley. Many people find this place ideal to refresh themselves from hectic lifestyles and tiresome schedules.

In this context we will talk about some famous and must do sights in and around Nag Tibba which gives long lasting memories to the visitor who visit this place

Some must do things in Nag Tibba

Nag Tibba Trek

The most famous and a must do thing in Nag Tibba is the Nag Tibba Trek. The peak is also called the Serpents Peak and it is suitable for all types of hikers mainly for the beginners and children. This trek is less explored as compared to others but it offers some panoramic views of snow-capped peaks to the hikers. The trek commences from the small village of Pantwari, which can be reached after a 6-hour long drive from Dehradun. The trek route cuts through the Pine, Deodar and beautiful forest of Rhododendrons. The ideal time to indulge in this trek is in summer months from April to June and winter months from October to December.

Nag Devta Temple

The other famous place is the ancient Nag Devta Temple on the Mussoorie-Dehradun road. The temple is dedicated to Nag Devta or God of Snakes. It is counted among the most visited places near Nag Tibba hill. It attracts a huge number of tourists and devotees on the special occasion of Nag Panchami. Devotees also perform many rituals in this famous festival and the temple is decorated beautifully. From this temple one will definitely admire the stupendous views of the Doon Valley and the town of Mussoorie due to its location. The temple is associated with the mythology and a fine specimen of great architecture.

Kempty Waterfalls

Kempty fall is a waterfall which is nestled at a height of 1364 meters/4500 feet above sea level. The fall is surrounded by high mountain ranges and is 13 km away from Mussoorie. This place is said to be developed as a tourist destination by a British man, and it is considered as a well-known and one of the oldest spots near Mussoorie. The waterfall remains crowded throughout the year and is an ideal destination for picnic. The name of this fall derived from the word “Camp and tea”. Tourists also get to do some fishing and swimming activities on the pond which is formed at the bottom of the fall.

Lal Tibba Scenic Point

The Lal Tibba or red hill is the highest point in Mussoorie nestled at an altitude of 2,275 meters/7164 feet above sea level. This popular viewpoint affords mind-blowing views of some famous Himalayan peaks like Badrinath Peak, Kedarnath Peak, Nilkantha Peak and some more. The place is located on the top of Depot Hill in Landour and also known as the popular sunrise and sunset point. At present, the place serves as army cantonment cum hill station and also the broadcasting towers of Doordarshan and All India Radio. The place is famous for its mountain views and the calm environment.

Company Garden

Also known as the ‘Municipal Garden’ the Company Garden is a major picnic spot located in Mussoorie. Being a picnic spot the place is visited by large numbers of tourists throughout the year. This famous spot is ideal to spend an entire day with family and friends. Also it is an exciting spot for the kids to enjoy the adventure rides of the park. There are different different types of flowers including Dahlias, Begonia, Pansy and many others in this place. There is also an artificial lake which provides paddle boating and a food court which offers varieties of foods and snacks. There is also a telescope to have some close view of the Himalayas. The spot can be reached easily from any parts of Mussoorie.