A complete guide to cuckolding

Like many of us have thought, cuckolding is not one of those acts that could only be maintained in porn or fantasy that should remain a fantasy. If you enjoy a little chick-play, and your partner doesn’t, it might be a little stressful for you to explore it else, it remains a fantasy if you haven’t experienced it before. 

Nonetheless, there’s more to cuckolding than it meets the eyes. While most ladies find it weird, it’s a fetish in some relationships and should be explored irrespective of whatever it seems to be defined as. Several relationships thrive on different fetishes. While yours might be somewhat more complicated than the other, the fact remains that relationships aren’t the same. 

What is cuckolding?

It is simply the process of having sexual pleasure from watching another man have sex with your partner while you sit and watch. During the process, you might be subject to a mockery of the fact that your partner doesn’t want you at that moment. However, it is important to note that cuckolding could be enjoyed by any couple, irrespective of their sexual orientation. It is regarded as one of the extreme fetishes because not many individuals could watch their wives being banged by another man. The concept of cuckolding could be traced to swinging and polyamory, nonetheless, it’s slightly different from both of them. So, before you engage in this type of fetish, you should be sure you understand what you are going through, and you know how to manage such a relationship accordingly. 

Tips to enjoy cuckolding with your partner

If you have the cuckolding fetish, welcome to the group. As mentioned earlier, there are not many individuals with this fetish. If you are such that you enjoy watching free porn videos, then you must have noticed that at some point. Here are some of the tips you should note

Ensure your partner is okay with the arrangement: 

The number one tip you should note when it comes to exploring this fetish is that you cannot do it alone. Hence, you need to carry your partner along as fast as possible. Cuckolding is not like other fantasies, where you get to pitch to your partner from the angle of improvisation. If you need to enjoy this with your partner, you must be willing to carry them along from the on set. 

Ensure you know what you want: 

Knowing what you want before you go for it is an important trait you need to pick up as you continually explore your sexual orientations. It’s, however, irresponsible for you to introduce to your partner what you don’t do. Whatever you introduce to your partner should be what you do and understand. 

Learn from porn videos: 

Cuckolding is sensitive. You should treat it in that same line. You could learn a thing or two about this fetish from porn videos. Before pitching it to your partner, watch some cuckolding porn clips. 

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