8 expert tips for perfect teeth

That we care about the appearance of our smile is undeniable. Tired of seeing wide, white and radiant smiles in the cinema and on television, it is not uncommon for almost 80% of young Spaniards to associate a smile with professional success. With such interest, the clinics have filled with patients eager to wear a smile in a true Hollywood style. And is that 70% of visits to the dentist have something to do with aesthetics (confirmed by the organizers of the last World Congress of Dental Aesthetics).

However, everything starts from the same base: good oral hygiene that provides health above all else. So we have turned to an expert brand, Oral-B, and one of its dentists and consultants. The objective? Show you that our routines are essential to achieve a mouth as healthy as it is beautiful.

1. How to get pinker gums

The gums play a key role in the aesthetics of a smile. What is your greatest enemy? Bacterial plaque. “They suffer from the accumulation of bacteria,” explains Ángel Alcaide, a dentist and head of scientific relations at Oral-B. This is generated regularly in the teeth when eating and salivating. However, if we do not take precautions, it can accumulate in the gum line, become tartar and lead to a number of problems: the gums can become inflamed, retract and, in more serious cases, produce disorders that lead to loss of the tooth.

Therefore, it is important to have a toothpaste-like those in the Oral-B Gum & Enamel Repair range., which protect the mouth from bacterial plaque. And not only that, they rejuvenate the gums and are capable of repairing the enamel in two weeks.

2. And whiter teeth

The color of our teeth changes as we turn years. There is no need to obsess, it is completely normal. Now, if you do not want to speed up this process, you should take care of the hygiene of your mouth, what you eat, and avoid smoking at all costs. “The diet should contain as few chromogenic agents as possible, that is, with the ability to stain,” explains the expert. This is the case of drinks such as coffee, tea, or red wine. Likewise, an effective brushing helps to eliminate the remains of any product likely to yellow our teeth.

3. How to reduce your usual wear

The real problem arises when this enamel wear appears prematurely, caused by both physical and chemical factors. On the one hand, you must avoid harmful habits, such as biting your nails or chewing too hard food. On the other hand, limit the intake of acids, such as citrus and carbonated drinks. In addition, the dentist recommends using tin toothpaste: “They will help us provide ‘extra’ protection against acid erosion. ”


4. Keys to brushing that respects your gums

Good oral hygiene requires at least two brushings a day of at least two minutes in duration. In addition, Alcaide tells us that current scientific evidence suggests that the electric toothbrush is more effective than the manual one. Specifically, those with a round head and pressure control. The reason? its rotational movement adapts to the contour of the gum while the size and shape of its head make it that of the tooth. In addition, pressure control prevents us from exerting too much force on the gums and teeth.

5. How to choose a good toothpaste

The expert is clear: fluoride to prevent cavities and tin fluoride. The latter “combines the benefits of fluorine with those of tin in gum health, sensitivity management and erosion prevention.” Therefore, to achieve superior protection, we are advised to look for tin complex toothpastes. You will find it in two ranges of Oral-B: Purify and Gums & Enamel Repair.

Both lines contain Stannous Complex, a compound capable of removing plaque thanks to its great antibacterial power. It is the result of years of research in the industry, which has managed to produce very stable and active tin compounds against gum disease. Oral-B Purify Toothpastes, concentrate their assets in a foam that acts even in the most difficult to access areas. Thus, it manages to purify the gum line. Also, calm and refresh them after each brushing.


6. What to do to take care of our gums

It is much more than an aesthetic issue. If not detected and treated early, gum discomfort can lead to other general health problems. For this reason, dentists often insist on the importance of prevention with correct brushing guidelines and good maintenance. Damaged gums can be treated with periodontal techniques, but Alcaide warns: “The best treatment without proper hygiene will never give a good result.” In this sense, it is vital to avoid the accumulation of bacterial plaque and, consequently, tartar.

7. And to fight against aging

Do gums and teeth age? Yes, at least, they change over time. As we turn years, “the gums can begin to retract, the teeth will tend to yellow and the enamel will thin,” explains Alcaide. We might think that the battle is completely lost, but not entirely. Once again, the expert reminds us that to keep the smile young and healthy there is nothing like good hygiene and healthy lifestyle habits.

8. Dentist: better to prevent than to treat

Several studies have found that we procrastinate in going to the dentist and we only do it when something really hurts. Error! A routine visit to the specialist every six months can detect many pathologies early. For example, gingivitis to prevent it from becoming periodontitis. Doing it well in advance guarantees a simpler treatment and having its evolution under control.

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