7 Cleaning Tricks to Help You Stay Healthy
Sort out the bed

7 Cleaning Tricks to Help You Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy

When you think about becoming healthier, you generally tend to focus on fixing your diet for the better or adding more exercise to your daily routine. While eating more vegetables and fruit and going for walks is a good way to keep healthy, you should also focus on another important element that might be keeping you unwell: your home.

Your home is not just a place for you to live, but hundreds of microbes settle there to live as well. Although some of these microbes are good for you, there are plenty that can cause more problems. So, if you want to be healthier, consider adding these seven tricks to your cleaning routine.

1. Start with the windows

Windows are among the most popular places for germs to hangout and hide. They often offer a lovely environment in terms of the temperature and oxygen levels. So, if you want to keep your home healthier and to ensure you are breathing fresher air, get the windows cleaned.

You don’t even need any magic trips to sort out the windows. All it takes is a bit of water and a dry cloth. Gently rub the windows with a bit of water – ensuring you clean the windowsill as well as the window. Dry with the cloth well to guarantee there’s no damp build-up. If you want to go the extra mile, replace any artificial window frames to wooden ones.

2. Sort out the bed

The second most favourite place for germs is unfortunately your bedroom and especially the bed. But you don’t want to share your bed with anyone other than your spouse or kids! So, make sure keeping the bed clean is high on your agenda.

Your mattress needs to be cleaned regularly! Most people just wash the sheets, duvets, and pillowcases and forget about the mattress. But you should vacuum the mattress at least every two weeks. If you can take it out for a bit of beating. You should also let it warm up in direct sunlight for four hours – it kills dust mites and can give more volume as well. To guarantee you sleep well and stay healthy, replace it every eight years.

3. Keep entryways clear

Of course, the way these microbes tend to move in is through different kind of entryways. Keeping these clear and clean is a good way to guarantee your home isn’t under attack. What are the most popular entryways the microbes use? Windows, doors, cupboards and bathroom sinks. 

Wash your doors regularly with some bicarbonate soda and water. It’s a simple but effective way to keep things clean. You should also try to avoid adding too much clutter in these areas – dusty desks and things can act as an entryway to the bugs.

4. Pay attention to the kitchen

Since your kitchen often sees the most action, sometimes with natural ingredients, it can be the place where you find the most germs. So make sure cleaning your kitchen is a daily task – you don’t want to leave it in a mess after you’ve done some cooking or baking.

For the kitchen, you should definitely pick some proper anti-bacterial cleaning detergent. You want to ensure those germs are killed properly. 

5. Keep the tools clean

The most important part to keep clean in the kitchen is the tools. You wouldn’t really be enjoying a healthy salad if you used dirty items to cook it. Don’t just rinse your plates, cups, and utensils, but always give them a proper wash. It can even be helpful to rinse your plate and cups and warm water before you even start eating.

6. Check all the fully items

You might have quite a bit of fluffy items lying around as decorative elements. Fluffy rugs are undoubtedly warm and they look rather good in the living room. There are also fluffy pillows, soft toys and even fabric-based wall décor we now have in our rooms. While these look great, they can also be a feeding ground for the germs. 

Make sure you properly put them outdoors at least every week. You can also give them mattress treatment and let them enjoy the sun for a bit. Furthermore, there are special sprays you can spray them with to prevent the germs from staying in.

7. Brush it up

Would you believe if I told you that your toothbrush is full of harmful germs? You think it’s just there to help, but it can do a bit of damage as well. You can fix this by ensuring you don’t just pop it in your mouth and go. Before and after you use it, give it a rinse under hot water. This can help kill the bacteria and guarantee a clean brush. You should also opt for a cover to ensure you don’t leave out to expose it to other elements.

Keeping your house clean is an important part of staying healthy. The above tricks won’t require a lot of cleaning equipment, but you can also shop smart to save costs. You can find plenty of deals to top cleaning brands and ensure staying healthy doesn’t cost extra!

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