6 tips to protect your hair from chlorine: no more dry hair … or green!

Therefore, to show off healthy hair, in addition to an enviable body of swimmers, we will have to take a series of basic precautions.

Without a doubt, the best sport to burn calories, slim the body, improve the muscles, and feel good about oneself is swimming. I have tried many sports, but like swimming none. It is one of the most recommended sports for pregnant women, for anyone with back problems and also to disconnect. It can be addictive like running, and that feeling of not losing your breath and feeling your body for the next few hours floating is priceless.

Checked: Pool water spoils hair

Preparing the backpack to go to the pool can be one of the worst things about this sport, we can always live that comical situation in which you have left something “essential” without putting, surely you know what I’m talking about. Although the real drama comes after noting that your hair is badly damaged by daily contact with chlorine and all the chemicals they add to the water. They are our enemies, those who leave our hair dry, rough, broken, and with a dull color.

Therefore, to show off healthy hair, in addition to an enviable body of swimmers, we will have to take a series of basic precautions.

Do not wet your hair: first solution discarded.

This is the most basic solution that some swimmers have taken. I would like them to explain how they do it so as not to be in contact with the water, I think there is no more pleasant sensation than diving from time to time or swimming in a crawl where yes or yes you are wetting one side or the other of the head. For the brave who prefer to try it, you know if you do not wet your hair there will be no problem.

Our advice

1)It is important to swim with the swimming cap that best suits you. You have them in different fabrics: fabric, silicone, latex and polyurethane. The silicone ones are the best for swimming. Be careful with the latex ones since they are indomitable, it is difficult to put them on and take them off, and ahead if they can take the odd hair. Fans of the drawings can try polyurethane, which are aesthetically more beautiful.


2 Before going into the water : One of the golden rules is to shower with soap before going into the water, the hair will absorb less chlorine. In addition, taking a shower before you can put your hat more easily. Another tip is to apply a little olive oil to the tips, without going over the amount of oil.

3) After bathing,  the number one tip is to rinse your hair well under the shower. A shampoo for dry hair and a mask is fine, but it won’t do if you don’t rinse your hair for at least five minutes to remove any chlorine residue. Depending on your hair length, you will have to spend more or less time.

It is advisable to go to a professional product store to find the best hair shampoos that avoid damaging the keratin of the hair and that also rejects chlorine. If you go to the pool regularly, a mild and good brand shampoo is the most recommended. Remember that it is the health of your hair that is at stake, so invest in good products.

4) Beware of pool dryers, they are not the best. If it is good as it is in summer, and as we told you a few weeks ago with our tips to avoid ruining your hair this summer, take the opportunity to dry your hair outdoors. Dryers with irons plus the pool are a time bomb, so take advantage of the good weather while it lasts.


5)nourish the hair twice a week. Many swimmers usually apply a homemade egg mask and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing off. People with colored hair pay special attention to the health of your hair by applying the specific shampoo that your hair requires. In your case, due to the accumulation of copper in the hair fibers of your hair, if it is very light, it could change color, acquiring a non-aesthetic greenish tone.

6) If you are reading this article and you are already screaming in the sky because you have not protected your hair in the pool for a long time, do not worry, it is never too late to start protecting it. At the end of the summer renew the haircut or at least remove those ugly ends and restore your hair to its natural shine and resistance.

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