laser treament for scars
laser treament for scars

6 Things Everyone Should Know Before Having Laser Treatment for Scars

During an injury, the body’s natural response is the formation of scar tissue. In most cases, scars are not painful and do not need to be removed. But scars can heavily impact a person psychologically and affect their confidence in social settings. One of the best methods to reduce appearance and pain is laser treatment. Most laser treatments require several sittings that can cost a lot of money. With a Bajaj finserv health EMI network card, you can quickly pay in affordable EMIs and even get handsome discounts. But laser treatment is not a regular parlor visit; instead, it is a medical procedure. Here are six things that you should be clear of before getting a laser treatment for scars.

Basics of Laser Treatment

Lasers use heat and light energy to create controlled damage to the outermost skin tissue. In response to the small tears in your muscles, the body heals the tissue by generating new skin. There are a variety of laser treatments ranging from ablative to nonablative. An ablative laser removes the topmost layer of the skin. In contrast, nonablative affects the layers underneath the skin’s surface while retaining it.CO2 and Erbium are the ablative types of laser treatment that are quite popular with a shorter downtime of fewer than two weeks. Hence, go for the one that works best for your skin type and scar.

Treatment Efficacy Depends On The Person Operating Laser

It is imperative that a dermatologist is doing a medical procedure like laser resurfacing. In cities like Chennai, many Botox spas offer such facilities, but it is not necessary that the person operating is a professional. There is no way to find out the authenticity at such places. Laser treatment may seem like the ultimate solution to your scars. But an unqualified person may end up doing more damage than good. Any fluctuation in light and heat can lead to burns and hyperpigmentation. Therefore, it is best to see a dermatologist in Chennai with relevant laser treatment experience and skills.

Laser Treatment Do not Remove A Scar.

Many individuals, especially women, approach dermatologists to get rid of a scar through laser treatment. With advancements in medical equipment, scar reduction has become relatively easier. It is essential to know that laser treatments are effective in making a scar significantly less noticeable. They are quite helpful in decreasing any pain or itch associated with scars. If a scar limits skin mobility, then laser resurfacing increases the range of motion around the scar. But a laser treatment can not entirely remove a scar. In the process, one scar is being replaced with another scar that is insignificant.

Your Dermatologist needs To Know Your Medical History.

It is essential to be open about your medical concerns and medications with your dermatologist before a laser resurfacing. In fact, a detailed diagnosis with a doctor will help you in choosing the most effective option. Remember to tell about your existing medical conditions and medications or supplements that you are currently taking during your appointment. Explain your lifestyle and whether you smoke or not. And clearly let them know the expectations you have from the treatment. This will help them in assessing your health and what would be the best option is there. Also, they may clear any misconceptions regarding the procedure.

A Lifestyle Change May Be Necessary Before The Treatment.

For attaining the best results and faster healing, you may need to tweak your lifestyle a bit. Usually, dermatologists recommend stopping smoking prior to the treatment for at least two weeks. Medication that delays healing, such as aspirin, should be discontinued unless needed. If you are prone to getting cold sores, then start the medication to prevent them. Avoid skin care products with retinol and glycolic acid completely. Be careful about your exposure to the sun. Laser treatment can not be done if you are tanned or have a sunburn. Talk to a dermatologist in Chennai and make the changes accordingly.

Laser Treatment Needs Time, Money, and Patience.

When it comes to laser resurfacing, you may need to go for more than one sitting. Especially in nonablative lasers, several appointments are necessary for long-lasting results. After the treatment, healing and results can take a considerable amount of time. In fact, you will notice little to no improvement after the first sitting. You need to follow the doctor’s instructions strictly at home for the best results. Laser treatments are quite expensive and depend on the nature of the scars. Be ready with a Bajaj finserv health EMI network card for easy and quick payments in installments.


Laser treatments are a boon when it comes to scar reduction. It can uplift your confidence and improve aesthetics excellently. But consulting a medical professional is a must before going for a sitting. Also, one needs to have patience and diligence to take on the long treatment duration with necessary restrictions.


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