6 Stages Of Love Every Relationship Experiences

Relationship Experiences

What represents true, unconditional, and selfless love? Yes, you are almost there. Red Roses are the right answer to this question. The underlying meaning that a rose has been carrying with itself from time immemorial has not lost its meaning and importance even today.

Fact: The above-stated lines can be justified when I tell you that, on average, around 110 million roses are purchased every day. Order flowers online if you are sitting miles away from the love of your life and make them feel special.

However, did you know that every person in love passes through these 7 stages? Let’s take a dig into these 7 stages at a glance:

First Stage- Appreciation:

Well, it is quite simple to make out that this stage is all about looks and appearance. A lot of appreciation about physical appearance is involved here. Often it happens that a woman falls in love on the first date, whereas, for boys, physical appearance can actually direct their feelings and emotions. So, you are on the first stage of love if you and your partner exchange conversation pertaining to praises and everything.

Second Stage- Infatuation:

Many people often confuse it with love. However, you need to understand that there is a pole apart from the difference between love and infatuation. In this stage, men try to woo women with again a lot of appreciation. Even after a man passes this stage and is still attracted to the woman he admires equally, then you may safely call it ‘love’ and the man has successfully crossed the stage 2nd.

Third Stage- Attraction:

Though you may not find much difference in stage and stage 3rd. However, there is a marginal difference between them. The stage of infatuation is followed by this stage. It is this stage where you get to make the advances. There is no fear of rejection, or there is no expectation for acceptance, you are just a free bird trying to fit in and gel up with the other person. No matter how much you admire him/her, this stage is all about making yourself comfortable with them and trying to understand each other. It is this stage that tells you that if it is love or not. So, whenever you feel that you have entered this stage and you are making your advances, don’t forget to woo your crush with roses. Send flowers online and let them know that you are special for them.

Fourth Stage- Impression:

No, this is not the one stage when you can say that you are head over heels in love with that person. Rather, here you just try to impress the person while showcasing all your skills and potential. Plan dates and activities of similar interest with that person and check out if the compatibility between you and that person does even exist.

Fifth Stage- Conviction:

Now, this stage takes you to a path where you start wondering about the feelings of the other person as well. You are much more concerned about how and what do they feel about you. So, it’s time to calm down your horses and try to know the other person’s feelings for you.

6 Stages Of Love Every Relationship Experiences

Sixth Stage- Reaffirmation:

This stage is all about introspecting yourself. You do not want to confuse kindness with love, right? Sit back and think about whether you like going out with that person, whether you enjoy his/her company, whether you want to be with that person 24*7 hour a day. It is important for you to clear out your head before you try to invade that person’s head.

So, enjoy every stage of this journey that love travels to finally become eternal. However, try to keep the love and excitement of the relationship alive, and this could only be done by making your partner special every now and then. You can get online flower delivery in Jaipur to a surprise date night for them. Trust me, these small gestures help a lot and speak more than the words themselves. Let your love grow with the flow. These 7 stages are not just an everyday phenomenon that will take place organically, rather, you and your partner should together strive to grow healthy and vetter during all these 7 stages to attain the true meaning of love.

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