When we talk about small facial imperfections, we recommend natural remedies, including green clay, known for its many properties. Whether in the form of a mask, or in powder, we can trust this treatment of natural origin to soothe the skin and help it heal. Discover all the benefits of green clay!

The benefits of green clay for beauty

The green clay is a result of mud volcanic rocks rich in minerals. Used for millennia, there are different kinds, such as green illite clay or green montmorillonite clay , ingredients of choice in our cosmetic products.

Whether ready to use or in powder form, this natural ingredient that is generally applied as a mask has many virtues for the skin :

  • nourishing,
  • purifying,
  • disinfectants,
  • absorbent.
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Green clay contains more minerals than white clay, red clay or yellow clay, which makes it more absorbent, and therefore better able to retain toxins and impurities, which is very good news. especially for combination skin! To naturally combat skin problems such as oily skin, acne or eczema, green clay is ideal. 100% natural and economical , it is recommended for:

  • thick skin,
  • oily skin,
  • skin with imperfections (pimples, blackheads, …).
  • dull complexions

Thanks to remineralization, green clay will allow you to find a clear, fresh, smooth and radiant complexion. This is why it is one of the most popular beauty secrets for their action on the skin.

The different forms of green clay

Green clay exists in several forms:

  • crushed, and resembling small pebbles;
  • in powder ;
  • or in tube or sachet ready to use.

Green clay is all the more beneficial if it is the raw product , to be worked on yourself to make tailor-made treatments , such as a hair mask or a face mask. But it obviously already exists ready for use in supermarkets and remains very effective. To prepare your own green clay poultice , simply place the desired amount of clay pieces in a container. Pour in clear water until it is completely covered, then leave to stand for half a day. You will obtain a smooth clay paste that has absorbed all the water and is ready to be applied.

Green clay against impurities and facial imperfections

  • A green clay peel

The peeling, a treatment that deeply cleanses the skin and eliminates dead skin, can be done with green clay by slightly moistening it. It will then suffice to massage your face in circular movements for 5 minutes. Two in one, the peel purifies and removes dead cells and impurities from your face .

  • Green clay: the anti-pimple solution

Green clay regulates sebum secretion, fights acne, eliminates blackheads, mattifies the skin, tightens pores, dries up pimples and helps in healing. Just that !

Thanks to its antiseptic and healing properties , green clay helps in the healing of little pimples that we hate. It is even possible to leave moistened clay on the most infected pimples for several hours. Be careful, however, not to abuse its strong absorban and detoxifying power: a clay mask once a week will suffice to obtain clear skin.

Applying makeup / removing makeup with green clay

For addicts to natural or organic makeup products, you will no doubt be delighted to learn that green clay is also used to make cosmetic products, such as face powders or eye shadows .

Green clay can also replace the makeup removal step of your beauty routine since it is also suitable for removing makeup. Indeed, used in the form of a cleansing paste , it eliminates the impurities accumulated during the day. All you need to do is massage your face and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Green clay: the ally of oily skin

Ideal for oily skin that tends to shine during the day, green clay will help reduce excess oil and tighten large pores .

You can make an anti-shine mask yourself using a lemon, powdered green clay, and essential oils. If you do not have all these ingredients or you do not want to make your own cosmetics, there are ready-to-use green clay masks , sold in organic stores, pharmacies and even supermarkets. Be careful, however, not to let the clay mask act for more than 5 minutes, because its absorbent properties are very powerful, you risk dehydrating your skin and accentuating your fine lines and wrinkles. For beautiful skin, it is essential to limit the exposure time of the green clay mask.

Green clay to deodorize

Among the virtues of green clay, its absorbent properties are undoubtedly the best known! In addition to absorbing sebum from oily skin, green clay also absorbs moisture from perspiration, and prevents bad odors from developing. Here is a deodorant that will appeal to fans of natural cosmetics!

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Green clay against sunburn

Finally, another virtue of green clay: it soothes sunburns! Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, in one night, this natural ingredient will allow sunburn to disappear. To do this, mix the clay with water to obtain a paste, to be applied on the sunburn. Cover the area with a clean cloth then let it sit while sleeping. You will see the benefits as soon as you wake up!

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