5 Tips for Cat Parents on Cold Weather Cat Care!

5 Tips for Cat Parents on Cold Weather Cat Care!

Today’s cats have evolved from wild cats known for having strong survival skills. However resilient they can be, still cold winters can bring them a host of threats every year. Pet parents must be vigilant about their furry pet’s activity and wellbeing through the chilly days so their fur babies can get through the cold months unscathed.

Exposing your cat to extremely low temperatures may cause hypothermia and/or frostbite. Health conditions may aggravate if a kitty already suffering from specific medical issues spends time outdoors for prolonged periods amidst the dipping temperature. Pet insurance in NZ can help you deal with pet accidents, injuries, particular illnesses, emergencies, and more, depending on the cover chosen. 

Top rated pet insurance can cover your fur baby for broader health issues. Weigh up several pet plans available and sign up for a policy that best suits your budget and fur ball’s health status. Purchase a policy to possibly lower the financial impact of unexpected pet health troubles and ensuing vet bills. However, read these tips on caring for your kitty in cold weather to avoid deep health troubles.

#1 Restrict outdoor walks

It is best not to let your fur baby stroll outside in winter for too long or spend time outdoors in near-freezing temperatures without a jacket. Rain and snow can have the same or even worse effects on your four paws. Know that your fur ball’s coat can trap heat only when it’s dry. Once your paw companion’s fur gets wet, they can no longer stand the weather; they must be brought indoors immediately and given a good rub with a warm towel or dry their coat with a pet hair dryer.

#2 Examine your furry pet

As your fur ball returns home, carefully check their nose, ear tips, and paws for any color changes that could mean frostbite, and remove any rock salt stuck between their little toes. A warm bath can significantly help if you suspect any undesirable health changes. Also, make sure your munchkin is wrapped in a warm towel before you ring up your vet for advice.

#3 Pay attention to grooming

Bathing your fur baby frequently can rid their coat of natural oils, which is why you need to keep this activity to a bare minimum. However, you need to ensure you dry them quickly and thoroughly afterwards. Also, regular brushing is essential no matter what the weather, to keep your cat’s fur in a good state, and don’t forget to trim long fur patches between your kitty’s toes so they don’t turn into a hub for rock salt deposits that can be potentially toxic to your pet.

#4 Be extra attentive to senior cats

Cold weather can cause excruciating pain in older pets that have bone and joint issues like arthritis. Ensure your senior feline pet is adequately covered in a warm sweater when needed and they have an extra comfy bed to rest on. You can also consider buying a cat bed with a heating pad so your older dog can snugly rest on it in winter.  

#5 Provide fresh water

Your fur baby can get dehydrated even in chilly winter if their body isn’t replenished with water time and again. So have some solar-powered water bowls filled with fresh water, so it doesn’t freeze because of falling temperature.

While these are a few basic tips to keep your furry friend warm and comfortable through the winter days, you can consult your vet for more information on pet care in the cold season. Pet insurance NZ makes providing medical care more affordable for pet parents.

So, purchase top-rated pet insurance that can potentially lower unexpected pet health expenditures while providing the required medical aid for your needy pet.

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