19 Best Tech Websites You Should Bookmark Right Now
19 Best Tech Websites You Should Bookmark Right Now

19 Best Tech Websites You Should Bookmark Right Now

In the world of technology, it seems like the only constant is change—which means you’re Bookmark likely on the lookout for some of the very best tech websites that can help get you up to Bookmark speed on the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Well, you’re in luck. From tech news to gadget reviews, we’ve pulled together a list of 19 of our most favorite tech-related websites for your perusal.

Of course, this list barely scratches the surface—there are plenty more resources out there just waiting for you to dig in. But, we like to think that this list is a great place to start.

Bookmark these sites and prepare to pack your brain full with all of the technology knowledge you need to cope with our ever-changing and increasingly digital world.

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Tech News and Industry Happenings

Want to know about that recent app update or what’s happening in terms of tech legislation? These sites are all about keeping you current with the news in the tech industry.

1. Digital Trends

Where to Find it: https://www.digitaltrends.com/

What They Share: Digital Trends is packed full with all sorts of information. But, the standout sections of this website are undoubtedly the product reviews (from headphones to cameras and everything in between) and their section covering tech news in a wide array of different categories. The site prides itself on being welcoming and approachable—meaning it’s a great resource for tech experts and novices alike.

2. Mashable

Where to Find it: https://mashable.com/

What They Share: Mashable isn’t only dedicated to tech. The site covers other topics, including entertainment, culture, science, business, and more. However, the tech section is definitely worth a look. This section always has content rolling in, meaning you’ll always be in-the-know about the most recent happenings in the tech world.

3. TechCrunch

Where to Find it: https://techcrunch.com/

What They Share: TechCrunch is a well-known player in the tech industry, and the site delivers all sorts of startup and technology-related news—including announcements of startup funding. TechCrunch also frequently hosts tech events in various parts of the globe.

4. Term Sheet

Where to Find it: http://fortune.com/tag/term-sheet/

What They Share: Run and managed by Fortune, Term Sheet provides a daily breakdown of things like venture capital deals, fundraising, IPOs, and other announcements within the industry. If you’re interested in the business and finance side of tech, this site is sure to become your next addiction.

5. The Information

Where to Find it: https://www.theinformation.com/

What They Share: If you want to roll up your sleeves and really dig deep into various tech topics, The Information is the place for you. This site features long-form content that takes a thorough look at a wide variety of announcements and happenings within the tech industry. It’s not light reading, but you’re bound to walk away way more informed than when you started!

6. The Next Web

Where to Find it: https://thenextweb.com/

What They Share: Chances are, you’ve heard of The Next Web. The founders originally launched the site as a way of promoting the tech event that they were hosting. From there, The Next Web quickly grew into what exists today—a hub for all sorts of technology news, conferences and events, deals, and even a market intelligence platform.

7. TheVerge

Where to Find it: https://www.theverge.com/

What They Share: Alright, The Verge covers a lot more than just tech—there are sections for everything from cars to culture. However, the tech section is where you’ll want to spend the majority of your time. The Verge even splits their tech topics into various categories. So, depending on whether you’re an Apple person or a Microsoft person or you’d rather look at content specifically related to Google, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re searching for (without tearing your hair out).

8. VentureBeat

Where to Find it: https://venturebeat.com/

What They Share: Focused specifically on tech news, VentureBeat has all of the information that entrepreneurs, executives, and technology enthusiasts need to get informed, stay in the loop, and make better decisions related to technology.

9. Wired

Where to Find it: https://www.wired.com/

What They Share: Wired is another household name in the tech industry. Of course, you’ll find plenty of tech news, as well as a focus on how those emerging technologies impact other areas of our lives. The site is well-organized, with different sections for things like business, gear, security, transportation, and more.

Gadgets and Devices

Are you a gadget-lover? Do you always have your eyes peeled for the next great tech device that you just have to have? These sites will help you discover what’s new and awesome in the tech world.

10. Engadget

Where to Find it: https://www.engadget.com/

What They Share: Make no mistake, you’ll find plenty of tech news on Engadget. But, you’ll really want to turn your attention to the “Reviews” section of the site. There, you’ll find in-depth reviews and opinions on all sorts of devices—from wearable baby monitors to phones.

11. Gadget Review

Where to Find it: http://www.gadgetreview.com/

What They Share: On Gadget Review, you’ll find all sorts of—you guessed it—expert reviews on various products, software, and tech services. The site’s team of experts is constantly searching for new gadgets and devices to put to the test—so you don’t have to do so yourself. You can even use their contact form to suggest a gadget you’d like them to review!

12. Gadgets to Use

Where to Find it: https://gadgetstouse.com/

What They Share: Much like other sites, Gadgets to Use is a hub for all things tech-related—including features, editorials, and interviews with industry experts. However, there’s a heavy emphasis on gadgets (of course). One spot you’ll want to check out? The site’s “Comparisons” page where they match up similar devices for a showdown to determine which one reigns supreme.

13. Gizmodo

Where to Find it: https://gizmodo.com/

What They Share: There’s no shortage of tech content on Gizmodo—it’s definitely not only about gadgets. But, the “Review” section of the site offers opinions, information, and comparisons on a wide array of different gadgets. From phones and tablets to wearables and toys, you’re sure to walk away with an honest opinion of whether or not a certain device is worth the hype (and your money!).  

14. The Gadgeteer

Where to Find it: https://the-gadgeteer.com/

What They Share: Ever since 1997, The Gadgeteer has been providing tech enthusiasts with gadget-related news and reviews. The reviews you’ll find on the site run the gamut—from kneeling desks to wireless earbuds.

15. TheGadgetFlow

Where to Find it: https://thegadgetflow.com/

What They Share: Gadget Flow bills itself as the number one resource to discover the very best products on the market. While we’re hesitant to pick a favorite, we won’t deny that this site boasts all sorts of information about cool devices and gadgets, and even awesome crowdfunding projects that are well worth your consideration.

16. Ubergizmo

Where to Find it: http://www.ubergizmo.com/

What They Share: Another site that’s all about gadgets, you’ll find all sorts of opinionated news and reviews about some of the newest devices and products on the market. While the reviews take center stage, there are also plenty of helpful tutorials that can help you make the most of the gadgets that you choose to invest in.

How-To’s and Tutorials

Technology can feel intimidating. Fortunately, these sites break it all down in a way that’s easy to digest with helpful how-to articles, in-depth guides, and step-by-step tutorials.

Balanced with plenty of industry news and other informative content, these sites really shine with their ability to inform and educate.

17. MakeUseOf

Where to Find it: https://www.makeuseof.com/

What They Share: MakeUseOf is all about simplifying the otherwise overwhelming world of technology. In fact, the site describes itself as your guide in modern tech. If you really want to dig into the good stuff, make sure to check out the site’s section with free ebooks to teach you everything from how to choose the best router to how to use Snapchat effectively.

18. TechnologyGuide

Where to Find it: http://www.technologyguide.com/

What They Share: With an entire section titled “How To,” TechnologyGuide is a totally comprehensive resource for all of your technology-related confusion and curiosity. Visit that section, and you’ll be able to peruse informative articles categorized by interest—from smartphones to software.

19. TechRadar

Where to Find it: https://www.techradar.com/

What They Share: Touted as the source for tech-buying advice, you’ll find plenty of news and reviews on TechRadar. But, this site also includes a detailed “How To” section that dishes out plenty of awesome tips and tricks to help you get more from your various tech and gadgets.

Are You Ready? It’s Time to Start Learning

Even for people who consider themselves tech enthusiasts, there’s no denying that the world of technology can feel overwhelming. Trends, tools, and methodologies change so fast, which means it often feels almost impossible to keep up.

Fortunately, those advancements in technology also mean that we have plenty of resources at our fingertips—particularly in the form of helpful tech websites.

There’s no shortage of information out there for you to absorb and leverage. But, we think that the 19 websites we’ve included on this list are some of the best.

Make sure to bookmark your favorites, and prepare to make the world of tech a whole lot more manageable—not to mention fun.

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