12 Tips to refresh your memory and remember

12 Tips to refresh your memory and remember where you left the keys

12 Tips to refresh your memory – In general, we are more aware of the lipstick that we put on or the shoes that we are going to buy, than other aspects such as our memory. If we do not exercise it, it is likely that it will fail us and we will begin to forget things. If you want to keep it in shape and always remember where you left your keys, follow these recommendations and where you get 12 tips to refresh your memory or your mind….

12 Tips to refresh your memory

Feed your brain

Avocado, tomatoes, chia seeds, fish, green tea, nuts, broccoli and fish are foods that you should never forget to include in your diet if you want to have a good memory.

Strengthen your social relationships

Maintaining relationships with your friends and having a wide social network favors the functioning of memory. It is never too late to reconnect with your friends or make new ones.

Memory exercises

Completing crossword puzzles or playing brain games like counting backwards, comparing photos, or taking notes on certain events will help you exercise your memory.

Do physical exercise

Exercise increases the size of the hippocampus, preventing memory degeneration. So let’s move!

Meditate daily

Meditating will help you relax, clear your mind, and improve your memory functions. This is a way to cleanse your mind.

Check your cholesterol and iron levels

Low iron levels and high cholesterol levels can affect how your memory works. Visit your doctor.

Avoid doing multiple tasks at the same time

If you are the female orchestra and you usually talk on the phone while you cook, watch TV and attend to your children, your memory is in danger. Focusing on one thing will allow you to better retain information.

Eat more chocolate

Cocoa has a component that helps the areas of the brain that are related to memory and learning.

Listen to music

Listening and singing your favorite songs is not only a way to brighten the soul, but to remember both the lyrics and many special moments.

Drink red wine

Red grapes have a component called resveratrol, which protects memory from deterioration.

Sleep enough

According to a study, sleep is important not only in the process of consolidating memories but in the selection of information that will stay with us, or simply leave.

Use one trick or another

Make a list of the things you have to do on your phone, send yourself an email with a reminder, put a tape on your finger or leave a note in the mirror. Just don’t forget to check them out.

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