10 Best Car Accessories For Holidays And 2021 Travel
10 Best Car Accessories For Holidays And 2021 Travel

10 Best Car Accessories For Holidays And 2021 Travel

Buying a car is a large, emotional decision fraught with layers of research and deep thinking. Finding the right accessories to complement said vehicle can be an equally dizzying process, whether it be for adventuring or just daily maintenance. Layer on the shifting circumstances of 2020, and there’s a whole new list of must-have accessories that pacify problems previously not considered, such as batteries that drain from disuse. Different times, different priorities.

Most people don’t keep tabs on battery tender or roof rack technology, but in the coronavirus-affected year of 2020 cars are parked for longer periods of time, and road travel is ever more important for weekends and vacation days. That’s why we compiled a list of 10 all-star products that provide lots of value to a wide range of drivers during such unprecedented times.

Many are practical additions to any driving universe that will come in handy right away and you don’t have to be a car enthusiast to appreciate or need them.

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Forbes Wheels Top 10 Car Accessories:

Deltran Battery Tender Plus 1.25-Amp Charger and Maintainer

Cold weather drains batteries, as does leaving a car sitting unused. Classic car owners often use battery maintainers to keep infrequently-used vehicles charged with a low but constant supply of power. The past year unexpectedly disrupted the driving habits of thousands of commuters, keeping vehicles parked in driveways or garages for longer periods of time, suddenly highlighting the benefit and necessity of owning a maintainer.

Deltran’s Battery Tender brand of chargers and maintainers are among the best, and the 1.25 Amp charger a standout. The Deltran Battery Plus 1.25 Amp unit is strong enough to maintain large pickup batteries and also adjusts voltage to compensate for temperature, ensuring even charging and prolonging battery life. Once it fully charges a battery the system sets itself on trickle mode, replenishing charge that naturally dissipates.

The Battery Tender Plus 1.25 Amp retails for $50, but Deltran also has a range of models for lighter and heavier duty applications.

Road trips have increased in popularity this year with the shrinking availability (and higher risk) of air travel. Spending more hours in the car can mean more mess inside it. Floor mats are a good solution to keeping a vehicle’s native carpet clean, but a few provide superior protection such as WeatherTech’s Custom-Fit Floor Liners. WeatherTech’s liners don’t come cheap relative to other manufacturers, but they have many advantages in construction, fitment, and variety.

WeatherTech uses digital laser measurements to create floor liners (not “mats”) that overlay the vehicle’s carpet from wall to wall, and in some cases even up the sides of the footwells for a higher level of protection. The liners are made from durable, patented plastic and typically are deep enough to retain liquid from major spills. In most cases, they’re available in multiple colors.

Floor liners from WeatherTech range in cost, but most models range from $170 to $200 range and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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